Welcome to my Blog page…my first blog page! Having wanted a blog for a while, for my many thoughts, I now find myself unsure of what to say. My mind is filled with thoughts of this journey I’ve been on, creating the Wood and Snake music…can these thoughts travel down my arms, into my fingertips, and end up here?

  I know I will have much to share, as I often ache to share life’s tickle and mystery with others, so please check back in with me here and read on. 

  In the meantime, if you have ever held a creative dream in your heart, if you have ever said that “one day,” when you have more time, when you feel more prepared, when you have more money, less responsibility, you would love to sing, make music, or dance, paint, or travel, swim with dolphins, sculpt, create a culinary masterpiece, design a piece of furniture, or build a treehouse…Please, make one step toward it today. It is in the act of the process itself, a step of any size, no matter how small, that ignites something inside of us, that tells the whole Universe this part of us is alive, and wants to express. This momentum represents an alchemy that feeds us and nourishes us in our quest, and tasting this fine feast, albeit a small spoonful from the corner of the platter, will magnify our knowing of ourselves and our voice in the world. It will add to the beautiful tapestry of humanity, but most importantly it will bring a joy and purpose in the heart that can otherwise elude us for life.It is in this small step forward that we begin to see more clearly that which has lived in us all along and which comes naturally would we but give it a chance. 

  We are here to create that which is our gift, that which brings us, and others, joy. One step at a time, we see who we are through this act of making our gift real. And one day, we can look back on our creation and know that it was only by the act of taking each step, learning each lesson, that this thing has come to be and be shared with others. Nothing like this will ever be created the same by anyone, ever, in the history of the world. 

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