6 new strings 

Happy New Year!

After the release of Wood and Snake, I began thinking about how to take some of the music forward that had been so beautifully crafted for this live performance by ten of us.  Alas, I longed to be able to share the music also more intimately, just me and an instrument.  Maybe one or two others joining me. 

After many years, the guitar seemed to weave its way back into my life and into my hands, and I was delighted to find that it fit and felt just right for bringing the music forward!  


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  Welcome to my Blog page…my first blog page! Having wanted a blog for a while, for my many thoughts, I now find myself unsure of what to say. My mind is filled with thoughts of this journey I’ve been on, creating the Wood and Snake music…can these thoughts travel down my arms, into my fingertips, and end up here?

  I know I will have much to share, as I often ache to share life’s tickle and mystery with others, so please check back in with me here and read on. 

  In the meantime, if you have ever held a…

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