Once I fell in Love

I knew you were sent to me from above

And you, you showed me how to be

In your arms so sweet and faithfully

And Once we had our first fight

My heart dropped down through my feet and took flight

But you told me it would be alright

And you stood by me as I cried

But I could not dream your dream

My young soul, it needed to be free

But after all this time I've come to know

That it's been you Most of All

And Once you looked at me

I knew you could love me endlessly

You told me you knew that you would marry me

The first time you laid eyes on me

But I could not dream your dream

My young soul, it needed to be free

But after all this time I've come to know

That it's been you Most of All

Yesterday and all of the yesterdays before them

You came into my mind

And I can't seem to shake this feeling

That I've wasted my time

Cuz Once I fell in love

I'm sure you were sent to me from above

Cuz you were so perfect for me my Love

Maybe next time My Love

For our Once upon a Time

Maybe next time

My Love



Once is a bittersweet memory about Love, Letting go of Love, and remembering Love. Sometimes, we look back on our life of love and we remember how beautiful it was, even in moving on. If you've ever been in love, this song will touch your soul.

Music and Lyrics by Melanie Hutton

Melanie Hutton: Guitar, Vocals, Sound design

Barbara Coventry: Violin

Philippo Franchini: Sound design

Produced by Melanie Hutton

Additional Production by Philippo Franchini

Recorded at Alchemy Musical Arts Studio with Philippo Franchini, Santa Barbara, CA and Tiny Dog Records, Santa Barbara, CA

Engineered and Mixed by Philippo Franchini

Additional Engineering/Mixing by Melanie Hutton

Thanks to Jack Weber for a sweet lyric contribution in the song!


All Tracks written and arranged by Melanie Hutton except where noted:

La Serena (traditional) and Takasim (improvisation) by Raman Osman




MELANIE HUTTON: Vocals, Hammered Dulcimer, Riq, Zills, 

Palmas, Sound Design

DANIEL MOGTADERI: Violin on  3, 7, 8, 9

ERIC EDERER: Oud on 3, 9;  Yayli Tanbur on 9

NICHOLAS RAGHEB: Darbouka/Doholla on 3,7,8,9 ; Davul on 1

BRYAN SNYDER: Recorder on 2, Tin Whistle on 6


RAMAN OSMAN: Tanbour/Saz on 2, 5 (improvisation), 7


FRED NADIS: Clarinet on 1



YOUSSEF BOULLAG: Backing Vocals, Recitation on 9

NEIL LEVINSON: Piano on 10


Produced and Recorded by Melanie Hutton, Santa Barbara, CA

Mixed and Mastered by Steve Miles, Santa Barbara, CA

Photos of Melanie by Carl Studna

CD Design by Melanie Hutton

℗ © 2015 ASCAP Melanie Hutton, Yasmeen Publishing, all rights reserved



1.   Wood and Snake

Music & Lyrics by Melanie Hutton


See the Wood can it be moving

Rattling in my Fantasy

Playing games just like a Trickster

Are you coming to get me

Shedding skin your fangs are bared

Protecting what I think is real

Seeing you I run away

Avoiding things I cannot feel


Wood and Snake

Won’t harm us skin can break

One’s the fire that keeps us warm

The other a venom make

Wood and Snake

Stand still or run away

Confuse the two they both will bite you

Sworn to feet of clay


In our minds we make up stories

Scaring us along the way

See the snake our mind so focused 

Only on our Yesterday

Save the wood and build a fire

And dream the morrow what you’ll do

Fire and ash like scattered dreams

The Phoenix rise and carry you


2.   My Night

Music by Melanie Hutton

Improvisations on Tanbour by Raman Osman


On this track I sing Ya Layli throughout, an Arabic phrase often song improvisationally. It translates as “oh my night,” and is common in love poetry song. 


3.   Jurjuna

Music by Melanie Hutton

Violin Improvisation by Daniel Mogtaderi

Oud Improvisation by Eric Ederer


While some of these vocalizations are general, in the improvisational section I sing Sidi Amān.  Sidi is a sign of respect, and Amān is sung to express longing.



4.   Time

Music and Lyrics by Melanie Hutton


Remember the time when there was space

Remember the time we could go anyplace

Remember when you felt safe

Do you Remember

Can you Remember


Remember the way you looked into my eyes

Remember the ways of the simple life

Remember the swing hanging from the tree and how it made you smile

As the wind took your long hair for a ride

Say to me you don’t miss these things

And how do I find my way back to my favorite Dreams


What you busy for anyway

What does it give you

Time seems to be going faster

What is this great big life giving you

All of this money

Spending time counting the threads of our sheets

Is it getting better I don’t think so

Is it getting easier I don’t think so

Are we happier I don’t think so

Gobbling up everything around us

Glutton for punishment and pleasure

Tick tock tick tock

Time isn’t running out

Only Imagination



5.   Takasim (Improvisation)

on Nahawand, by Raman Osman on Tanbour



6.   Slip So Far Away

Music and Lyrics by Melanie Hutton

Improvisations on Tinwhistle by Bryan Snyder


You know that I know

You know that I can see you

There is no place to go

You know that I will find you


Why do you run away

Can’t you see that you will have to face it anyway

I know you think its better for me that you leave

But really you are just afraid of what I might see


Why do you Slip So Far Away

There’s so much more to see

If we can’t have today

We’ll never be free


And it can all come crumbling down

Not a reason to go

Look me in the eye don’t run away

Or your heart will never know




7.   La Serena

Traditional Sephardic, Lyrics and Melody

Music and additional arrangements by Melanie Hutton


Sí la mar era de leche                   If the sea were of milk

Los barquitos de canela             The boats made of cinammon

Yo me mancharía entera            I would quite dip in

Por salvar la mi bandiera          To save my banner


Sí la mar era de leche                   If the sea were of milk

Yo me haría un pexcador          I would be a fisherman

Pexcaría las tus dolores             I would fish for your sorrows

Con palavricas d’amor               With words of love


Dame la mano tu Palomba        Give me your hand my dove

Para suvir a tu nido                      To come up to your nest

Maldicha que durmes sola       Unlucky are you that sleep alone

Vengo a durmir contigo              I am coming to sleep with you



8.   One Day

Music and Lyrics by Melanie Hutton


One Day 

We’ll see the Sun rise

One Day

Through Your Eyes



9.   Hada lhob Abadiyy/This Love Forever

English Poetry and Music by Melanie Hutton

Yayli Tanbur Improvisation by Eric Ederer

Violin Improvisation by Daniel Mogtaderi

Arabic Translation by Youssef Boullag


When I saw the truth of All my heart exploded

Moments like this I wish I were a million people

Please don’t leave me stay a while

I need to feel you here

A fleeting glimpse is not enough

Come be with me once more

I’ll take your hand and you’ll take mine

We’ll walk along the shore

We’ll dance and play and cast our shadows

This love forever…and ever…and ever…


Indama ra'ayto lhak'eek'ata  bi'akmaliha insharaha k’albee

(Fa)tamanayto fee lahathaatin kahad’ihi law anee milyoona insanin

Arjooka la tatrokni

Ibk'a li borha 

Ahtajo an ohissa bika bijiwaaree

Fala yakfeeni an armok'aka fak'at

Ta’ala, kon ma’ee marratan okhraa


Sa'akhod biyadik wa'anta biyadi

Santamashshaa ala shati'


Fasanark'osso wa sanal’abo fasanoharriro d’lalana

Hada lhob abadiyy... Ila l'abad ... Ila l’abad



10.   Wood and Snake Reprise

Music and Lyrics by Melanie Hutton

Improvisations on Piano by Neil Levinson

Wood and Snake on CD Baby

Wood and Snake CD Release Concert

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